5 Tips To Prevent Your Google Adsense From Disabling

5 Tips To Prevent Your Google Adsense From Disabling. Google Adsense is the giant of web advertisement for publishers and bloggers around the world. Every blogger wants Google Adsense account because it is the only option through which the blog owners can actually earn some money and fulfill the website expenses. There are many other Google Adsense Alternatives available but adsense no doubt pays more than any other.

5 Tips To Prevent Your Google Adsense From Disabling

How Adsense Works

Google Adsense do not pay to bloggers from its pocket. It is actually the money of advertisers who advertise through Google’s other platform know as Google Adwords. Google just keep its share from advertisers revenue and pays the remaining to the publishers through adsense.

Here are the Tips To Prevent Your Google Adsense From Disabling:

Always Follow The Rules And Policies Of Google

Google’s revenue is definitely coming from advertiser. And if you are advertiser you will not bear that anyone clicking on his own ads and then you are paying to him for no benefit. So google also do not bear it. This is the most important point. Always follow the policies which google have wrote for adsense. Here are some important policies which you must have to follow.

  • Don’t post google ads on website having content related to hacking, cracking software, piracy etc.
  • Always use your own articles and 100% original content.
  • Never use pictures copyrighted by others. Only use royalty free images or create your own image. Or show the source of image below it.
  • Never ever click into your own ads or even provoke anyone or anybody to click on your ads. You cannot cheat google. They will finally caught you if you do invalid clicks.
  • Never tell anybody to click on your ads. Do not do click exchange with other bloggers.
  • Don’t use pornographic materials on your site. How much nudity is allowed read google policies for it.
  • Don’t use any other ad service on your website while using adsence.
  • Don’t put more than 3 ad units on your pages.

Read The Adsense Terms Properly

Generally we all just scroll through the policies and click “I have read” but we actually do not read them. But don’t do it with Google Adsense. Read all the Google Adsense policies carefully. If you will read policies you will be careful and in future you will not blame Google for you account suspension. Google suspend accounts according to policies they are not biased or anything else. Just follow the policies and they will send you money every month.

Use Unique Email, Name And Address

If you had created an account on adsence previously and your account is disabled then don’t try to open up a new account with old email id, name and adress. 3 things are equally important. Use new email ID, New name and new address for new account. If you will use the same name and address. Adsense will reject your submission.

Never Use Any Adsense Money Making Shortcuts

There is no way to get rich from adsense in days without hard working. You can earn millions of dollars but you will need hard working and real content. There are scammers who claim that by working with them you can earn thousands of dollars every month just by sitting in your home. Never ever trust this scammers, no matter what they say, no matter what medium they used to contact you, whether by email or skype or phone or flyer or whatever.

Just think if they can earn thousands of dollars with their technique from adsense then why they are selling their technique to you for just 20$, 50$ or 100$. There is no get rich quick scheme which works on adsense. It is legal and real money making company and you can not cheat it in any way.

Don’t manipulate the Adsense code

There are many bloggers which manipulate Adsense code. Some user it on images, video frame or some use it as pop under to click automatically on it. But if you want long term earning and want your adsense account running then never do that, because as per Google’s policy manipulating adsense code is not allowed and if you do that Google will disable your account forever.

So these were the Tips To Prevent Your Google Adsense From Disabling. 

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