Best Adsense Alternative With High PPC

In this post I am going to discuss Best Adsense Alternative With High PPC. There are many bloggers who do not have Google adsense account and they are looking for best alternatives. If your site is new or site have less visitors or do not have quality content then google will not accept your request for adsense. So you will not be able to earn money from your blog.

Many bloggers are also looking for Adsense Alternative For Urdu Websites because adsense do not accept Urdu websites. So this ad network also accepts Urdu websites and provides you ads with Urdu language.

Adsense Alternative With High PPC

Many bloggers close blog due to rejection by adsense and they think all other ad networks are less paying and are not paying as good as adsense. This is true in some sense because there are many other ad networks which pay very less and they are not near to adsense.

Here I am going to tell you about a new ad network which is relatively new but it is paying good. Its CPC rates are very good and are far more than many other ad networks.

The name of this Adsense Alternative is AdNow. This is a UK bases native advertising company which is providing native ads in English and many other languages including Urdu. You can customized widgets and start earning.

Website are approved in 2 to 3 days and low traffic websites are also accepted.

The Payment Methods:

You can withdraw money through Payoneer, WebMoney, PayPal and bank wire.

The payments are made on net 7 basis and minimum withdraw is 20$ only.

My experience:

I used this ad network on 2 websites and the results were amazing. Their cpc was very good even for Pakistani traffic.

Payment Proof Of AdNow:

Here is the payment proof of adnow received in payoneer.

Payment Proof Of AdNow

How To Join AdNow:

To join adnow your can click this link and sign up. They also have a referral program and you can also earn money by referring other publishers to the ad network.

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