How To Delete All WordPress Comments Easily

How To Delete All WordPress Comments Easily. On some time the site owner want to delete all the comments from their WordPress website. Some people find it difficult to delete all comments at once and easily. So , in this post we will tell you the methods to to easily delete all WordPress comments from your desired website.

How To Delete All WordPress Comments Easily

Before deleting all comments, remember that it is an irreversible action. You will not be able to undo it once you have deleted those comments. So it is important that you make a backup before proceeding to comment deletion.

There are two methods to delete all WordPress comments from your website.

Method 1: Using Plugin (Basic Users):

To delete all comments with plugin you need to install the Delete All Comments plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

After activating the plugin visit Tools » Delete All Comments page on the plugin. You will see the total number of comments on your website, a confirmation check box to delete all comments.

Clicking the delete all button on plugin page will permanently delete all comments from your WordPress site.

This plugin will also delete comments from trash and spam.

Method 2: Using cPanel (Advanced Users):

This method is recommended for more advanced users. You can easily delete all WordPress comments through cPanel.

Login to cpanel of your website.

Then go to phpMyAdmin under database section.

Look for the database of your website in phpMyAdmin. You will see a page showing all the tables of your database.

You have to find two table from here. Look for “wpprefix_comments” and “wpprefix_commentmeta” tables. There may be your own table prefix which you choose instead of “wpprefix”.

After selecting the two comments tables, locate the ‘With selected:’ drop down menu below the table list and select ‘Empty’ from the drop down menu.

Now you will see a warning asking if you really want to empty those tables.

Click on the yes button to confirm and delete all tables. This will delete all WordPress comments from your database.

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