e2Click Website Banned And Owner Arrested By FIA

e2Click Website Banned And Owner Arrested By FIA. People are searching for online earning methods everyday and are being scammed everyday as well. Because most of the people think that online earning is a get rich quick scheme. So scammers trap them with quick earning schemes.

e2Click Website

The story of e2Click is also the same, but this time the scammers are caught by law enforcement agencies in Lahore Pakistan. The alleged fraudster named Liaquat, was involved in e2Click website that is believed to run into a billion rupees. The FIA has also registered a case against him in Faisalabad.

According to sources Deputy Director FIA Cyber Crime Lahore Sajjad Bajwah was informed that a suspect which is involved in an online business fraud is currently in Lahore. So after creating a team, Sajjad raided the house and arrested the suspect.

The suspect Liaquat Ali, son of Allah Ditta is a resident of Sialkot. He was allegedly running a website e2click(.)com (meaning, Earn to Click) which promises people to earn up to $800 from their home by just clicking some links.

Now after the raid the website is removed from the internet, and FIA has recovered Laptops, cheque books of different banks, and some other documents from the house.

There are a many websites online in Pakistan that promise to earn money, but they are actually fooling the innocent people of Pakistan. There are also some websites that ask you to pay a little money before earning.

There is no get rich quick scheme in online earning. And you cannot earn thousands of dollars by just sitting and and watching or click some ads.

You can earn online without investment from legit and legal businesses which are legal and authenticate. You need to work hard to earn online and you can earn millions but doing work online.

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