Earn Money From Youtube In Pakistan

Earn Money From Youtube In Pakistan. Youtube was banned in Pakistan from last 3 and half years. People was unable to visit youtube properly because everyone do not know about proxies. Now youtube is opened in Pakistan officially. So now there is a huge potential to earn money from youtube in Pakistan.

Earn Money From Youtube In Pakistan

I will tell you step by step method to start making money in Pakistan with YouTube. YouTube monetization service is currently not available in Pakistan. But it available in many countries so do not worry I will tell you how to make account with other country address and how to start earning with this great and popular website.

Earn Money From Youtube in Pakistan Step By Step.

1.Create new Gmail ID with USA Or UK Address:

First of all make a new gmail id and select country USA or UK and not Pakistan. It is better to get IP of that country while creating ID. Use proxy website like proxfree or proxynova for getting USA IP address. Open gmail in proxy and then create new gmail ID on USA or UK address. Put some fake address which you can get from internet as well.

2. Verify Gmail Account with Phone Number:

Now you have to verify your Gmail ID with phone number of USA or UK (whichever country you have selected to create gmail ID). You do not have UK or USA sim card in Pakista so you can use any free SMS service like HS3X or ReceiveSmsOnline. These websites will provide you a phone number of USA or UK and put this phone number in gmail. The you can check the sms on their website of HS3X and receiveSMSOnline. Insert the verification code in gmail ID and your id will be verified. Check screenshot below for details.


3. Create Youtube Account:

Now create a new YouTube account with your new verified Gmail ID. Make sure you select the same country here as well which you selected during gmail ID. After creating your account go to Settings tab and click on Monetize link. Enable the monetize option and all is done. Soon you will get welcome email from Google. Start uploading your videos into account and start earning.

If you have guts to create video like “gangnam style” you can become millionaire from YouTube alone.


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