How To Use Google To Find Fresh Topics For Blog

Here is the method To Find Fresh Topics For Blog. Finding a fresh topic for blog is a major concern of the bloggers. The more time is consumed in finding a new topic than writing on that topic. If you want to rank your website high in search engines then you must write on new topics and must write your own stuff not the old and copied stuff.

Google provides many tools that will help you find good topics to write about.

Google Tools To Find Fresh Topics For Blog:

Google Search:

This is the best method to find a new idea and a fresh topic. You do not need to write whole line. Just start search with a word. For example you want to write on some pregnancy topic, then just write one or two words about pregnancy and Google will automatically provide you suggestions which you can use as your topic. Here’s an example:

Blog Ideas

You can see in the above example I just wrote 2 words and google provided me many suggestions. You can find many ideas like this from google search.

Google Keyword Planner:

The second tool To Find Fresh Topics For Blog is Google keyword planner. You can find this tool in Google Adwords account. This tool can also generates related and more specific terms when you search for a word. For example if you search for the term “Iphone” you will get results like this:


Google Alert:

The third tool To Find Fresh Topics For Blog is Google Alert. You do not have to search in Google Alert simply subscribe to a particular topic that you want to receive an alert and the tool will automatically send you new and fresh ideas every day about related topics. You can then chose from those and write about those topics.

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