How To Increase Internet Speed 100% Working Trick

How To Increase Internet Speed is the common question people ask now days. Because there is speed issue in many countries of the world and people do not want to wait. They want internet at highest possible speed which can open pages on blink of eye. I am going to tell you how to increase internet speed when you already tried all options like removing viruses, checking all your cables and wires, replacing your existing router or even changing your ISP provider. Your ISP provider will not boost your internet speed without paying extra money. So here is the solution to this problem so you can download large files without any delay and visit web pages instantly.

Increase Internet Speed By Combining All Connections:

How To Increase Internet Speed

iNetFusion Software:

To increase your internet speed use free software named as iNetFusion by Clusterlinks. This software will combine all your existing internet connections in one giant connection so that you can get maximum possible speed. It is free software and you can download it free. This software will not only combine you DSL but it you can also combine your 3G, 4G or other cable internet into one connection.

So think about combing 36 mbs 3G connection with your DSL or 4G with your dsl. You can increase speed as much as you want by increasing number of internet connections. Now you can download Giga files in minutes and without any delay and wait.

Download iNetFusion Software Here.

You can also use Speedify software for this purpose. But speedify is not free like iNetFusion. There is trial version available of Speedify.

Remember Logging-in your account using multiple connections can put you under suspicion. Because it uses multiple IP addresses to send same data packets. So be careful and not use this when logging into your sensitive accounts.

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