How To Withdraw ClickBank Earnings To Payoneer

How To Withdraw ClickBank Earnings To Payoneer. Clickbank is the largest affiliate marketplace. Peoples are earning 6, 7 figures income from Clickbank. The only improvement many affiliates want in Clickbank is the payment method. For affiliate marketers located in the United States, Canada, UK and some bigger countries, there is no problem because they can be paid via direct bank deposit.

How To Withdraw ClickBank Earnings To Payoneer

But for affiliates located in other countries where direct deposit is not available the only payment method is paper check. The check takes from 4 to 6 weeks to reach and then the same time again for banks to clear the check. This is very lengthy procedure and take almost 2 months.

But thanks to Payoneer the solution to this problem is solved by the use of Payoneer.

Direct Deposits via Payoneer Mastercard

Thanks to Payoneer, countries that aren’t eligible for Clickbank direct deposits can now get their earnings faster.

Linking your Clickbank account to a Payoneer card is easy. Here is the step by step procedure to receive money from Clickbank to your Payoneer.

1. Sign up for Payoneer and receive Payoneer card on your home address. This will take 15 days to receive the card.

2. After receiving the card, sign up for US bank payment service from your Payoneer account. This will provide you a unique US bank account which you can use just like you have a real bank account in US bank.

3. Now log into your Clickbank account and select Direct Deposit payment option.

4. Select united stated bank in bank country field.

5. Copy the account details from Payoneer like bank name, account number, routing number and account type.

How To Withdraw ClickBank Earnings To Payoneer

Img: Payoneer

6. Click save and you are all done.

You will receive the payment in your payoneer card on time and you can withdraw the payment from any Mastercard supported ATM machine.

The card is also very useful if you’re traveling. You can go to any ATM and collect your earnings.

So if you’re looking For How To Withdraw ClickBank Earnings To Payoneer I hope this will help.

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